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Reduce churn and down-selling
Increase up-selling and cross-selling

Lifetime Analytics is an application enabling telecom operators to reduce churn and down-selling, increase up-selling and cross-selling


An innovative productized solution for marketing, product, sales and customer experience teams


Clusters of customers

  • The innovative cornerstone of the application is to automatically detect clusters of

    • customers at risk of churning and down-selling,

    • customers having a potential for up-selling and cross-selling.

  • Beyond the churn and next best action scoring, the application allows marketing, product, sales and customer experience teams to understand and analyze the root causes of churn, down-selling, up-selling and cross-selling in order to optimized retention and commercial performance


End to end application

  • Automatically detect customer clusters based on churn or up-selling and cross-selling factors, which are continuously measured and evolve with market / and customer situations

  • Continuously design and run targeted commercial and care actions on specific customer micro-segments identified through clusters 

  • Track and monitor the impact of these commercial and care actions on churn and ARPU dynamics, with continuous improvement feedback


Open data model

  • Open & flexible data model with BSS and OSS items, including: 

    • Customer and contract  

    • Billing and payment

    • Offer features and allowances

    • Usages 

    • Touchpoints and channels 

    • Care and support interventions

    • Customer feedbacks and NPS 

    • QoE indicators

    • Network and service incidents

    • CPE and mobile devices

    • Market offer and promotion 

  • These data items can be progressively fulfilled through the application set up and  enriched based on the needs and resources of each client

Product features

clusters box plot root cause churn down-selling up-selling cross-selling
Discover Clusters
  • Automatic generation of customer clusters for churn, down-selling, up-selling & cross-selling

  • Factor analysis & comparison with test groups

  • Root cause analysis based on multiple factor combinations

Design action plans
  • Create targeted commercial and care actions 

  • Select a sub-group or micro-segment of customers to be targeted by each action

  • Validate actions with the business case simulator 

  • Integrate actions with CRM, marketing  and campaign management tools

action plan targets segments micro-segments
performance monitoring perf tracking cohort measurement businesss impact
Track action performance
  • Track and analyze subscriber contacts, acceptance and feedbacks

  • Monitor the results of actions through targeted customer cohorts: survival rate and ARPU growth

  • Report the business impacts of actions

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