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Blurry Lights

Enabling Telecom operators to

  • Reduce churn & down-selling

  • Increase up-selling & cross-selling


An innovative productized solution for marketing, product, sales and customer experience teams


Automatically detect customer clusters based on churn, down-selling , up or cross-selling factors, which evolve with market and customer situations


Personalize real-time inbound interactions while nourishing CRM, RTM, web/apps with personalized customer profiles and actions


Continuously design and pilot personalized commercial and care outbound actions targeting specific customer micro-segments identified through these clusters


Track, report and improve the business impact of these actions on churn and ARPU dynamics, with customer feedback on actions 

Lifetime Analytics offers an end-to-end solution, but each of the four modules can be used independently - based on operators needs and existing systems.

Product features

Cluster discovery

Cluster discovery

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Discover Clusters
  • Automatic generation of customer clusters for churn, down-selling, up-selling & cross-selling

  • Factor analysis & comparison with test groups

  • Root cause analysis based on multiple factor combinations

Design actions
  • Create targeted commercial and care actions 

  • Select a sub-group or micro-segment of customers to be targeted by each action

  • Validate actions with the business case simulator 

  • Integrate actions with CRM, marketing  and campaign management tools